Assateague Island National Seashore

Home of the famous wild ponies, Assateague Island is a great place to visit an Atlantic beach while taking in the natural wonders of the state and national park systems.

Horses of the Barrier Islands (Photograph taken by Deborah S. Campbell)

 Fisherman Island National Wildlife Refuge

According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Web site, located at the tip of the Delmarva Peninsula, this area is one of the most important avian migration funnels in North America. Each fall, like colorful clockwork, the refuge is the scene of a spectacular drama as millions of songbirds and monarch butterflies and thousands of raptors converge on their voyage south. Favorable weather patterns push migrating species through the area in waves. Clouds of tree swallows swirl over ponds and flame orange and black-winged monarch butterflies float aloft. Protected habitats such as these provide critical stopover areas where birds and butterflies can rest and feed before resuming their arduous journey. Visit the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Website for more information.

Kiptopeke State Park

Kiptopeke Birding Areas - Since 1963, Kiptopeke State Park has been the site of bird population studies. Sponsored by the Coastal Virginia Wildlife Observatory and licensed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, volunteers capture, examine, weigh, band and release resident and migratory birds each year from mid-August through November. In the raptor research area, hawks, kestrels, osprey and other birds of prey are observed and banded from September through November. Kiptopeke’s hawk observatory is among the top 15 nationwide.

Ker Place

Located in nearby Onancock, Ker Place is a circa 1800 Federal style house museum and the home of the Eastern Shore Historical Society.

Virginia's Barrier Islands

This coastal wilderness features beaches, forests, maritime vegetation and salt marshes. Barrier islands, thin strips of land running parallel to the coastline along much of the Atlantic shore, comprise a large part of the coastal habitat. The Nature Conservancy owns all or part of 14 of the 18 Virginia barrier islands. Lying at the intersection of diverse habitats, these islands both support a rich array of life and help buffer Virginia's Eastern Shore against storms. 

Eastern Shore Railway Museum - Parksley, VA

Train tracks lead into Parksley’s quaint town square where tiny shops and picture-perfect Victorian homes give the town the look of a model train village come to life. Step into the restored train station and step back in time when passengers purchased tickets or warmed themselves in front of the coal stoves. In the glory days of the iron horse 14 passenger trains a day stopped here. Today the train whistle can still be heard when the Eastern Shore Railroad passes through with freight cars. The Eastern Shore Railway Museum building is chock-full of railroad memorabilia from the many that operated on this peninsula since the mid-1800s. The 1927 Diplomat, an elegant parlor/lounge car, a jaunty 1949 caboose and a 1950 sleeper car are available for guided tours.

Eastville Court House

Eastville has been the County Seat of the County of Northampton, Virginia since 1680. The Old Courthouse was constructed about 1731 and contains the "oldest continuous county court records" in the United States. This is a true Colonial-Era town; the Declaration of Independence was publicly read from the steps of the courthouse in August of 1776.  Northampton County records make fascinating reading and frequently portray the character of the 17th century inhabitants of this peninsula. A printed publication describing the archives housed at the County court house (located behind the historic court house building) is in the book rack at Runaway for your convenience.

Accomack - Northampton antique Car Museum

The Accomack-Northampton Antique Car Museum is open Noon to 4PM, Wednesday thru Sunday. If you have any items you would like to donate or display in the museum, or if you have any questions or need directions to the museum please contact Frank Russell at (757) 665-6161.

Barrier Islands Center

At the Barrier Islands Center, learn about life on remote barrier islands, dramatic sea rescues, and 19th century Almshouse Farm. Only about 10 minutes South on Rt. 13 at 7295 Young St. in Machipongo. (757) 678-5550 • (888) 678-5572 Learn about life on remote barrier islands, dramatic sea rescues, and 19th century Almshouse Farm. Only about 10 minutes South on Rt. 13 at 7295 Young St. in Machipongo. (757) 678-5550 • (888) 678-5572.

Cape Charles Museum & Welcome Center

The Cape Charles Museum and Welcome Center opened in 1996 and is dedicated to preserving and presenting to the public the history of Cape Charles and surrounding areas. It is the hope of the Cape Charles Historical Society that inspiration from the richness of its past will help guide Cape Charles' renewal and growth. Located at 814 Randolph Ave., Cape Charles, VA (About 30 minutes South on Rt. 13).

Chesapeake Bay-Bridge Tunnel

Whether you are driving north or south, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel showcases the mighty surge of the Atlantic Ocean, the beauty of the Chesapeake Bay, and the soaring grace of an engineering marvel featured on the History Channel. Both a tourist attraction and a travel convenience, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel connects Virginia's Eastern Shore with the Virginia mainland at Virginia Beach near Norfolk. (About 35 minutes South on Rt. 13 – same day toll $17. You can stop and fish or view ships passing over the tunnel at the pier area near the half way crossing point.) Cape Charles, VA 23310.

Tangier History Museum and Interpretive Cultural Center

Learn about the Tangier History Museium and Interpretive Cultural Center's special role in the history of aviation, the unique Tangier language and how the island faces the challenges of a rising Bay, a shrinking island and a dwindling population. Learn about how the British forces used Tangier as a base during the War of 1812, how Billy Mitchell proved airplanes could sink ships, and how a small island creates its own recreation and amusement. Travel via boat from Onancock or Crisfield.