As temperatures fall at the end of September, many people think this is the best time of year to be outside; the water remains relatively warm even into November. As water temperatures drop, the Rockfish run begins.

On a clear Autumn night, the sky can be spectacular. City lights are far away and the stars are very bright; many astronomical features can be seen with the naked eye. Hunting season begins in the Fall. Deer and turkey hunting are two of the more popular game animals. Wildfowl shooting has been a local sport and commercial endeavor on the Lower Shore for centuries.

Being the off-season, Fall and Winter provides a more tranquil atmosphere than does the Spring and Summer vacation season. Quiet walks along the shore at Silver Beach or Kiptopeke National Wildlife Refuge are a peaceful way to spend the day. Local Outfitters still offer tours as long as the weather allows. If you are a boater, the barrier islands are a great destination.

Fall and Winter denotes the beginning of the “months with an R”, when oysters are harvested in the ocean and the bay.

Beware, too much solitude may lead to excessive introspection into the folly of Man…gazing into the late-night embers has caused some of us to change course and take the “path less traveled."